Good vs Wiivil, my new domain name

I have been searching for a new domain name for my blog for sometime, the current name is I wanted something with a dot com extension since that is the popular choice. Well, yesterday while I was reading the news on the internet, a particular headline caught my attention. Good vs Wiivil was the headline, I clicked on the link and it took me to the full article. It turned out to be a short movie made for Nintendo short cut showcase contest, it was the winning movie. The contest was put forward by Nintendo, $10000 to the winner of 3 to 5 minutes video or film with Nintendo theme. The top three short film will be screened as part of the Tribeca Drive-In Short Film Series at Top of the Rock in New York.

Here are the top 3 films:

1st place: Good vs. Wiivil — Jack Paccione, Jr., Staten Island, NY
2nd place: Koopa Force — Marc Duddleson, Monroe, NC
3rd place: The Nintendo Office — Christopher Preksta, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiivil, hmm that sounded very catchy, it would make a perfect name for my blog. I decided to check to see if the domain was available, it was not. After some more research I found out that the domain had expired June 5, 2007. I went to the registrar’s website Godaddy and ordered the domain for $59. After sometime I got an email saying that my money had been refunded to my account. Strange, there was no explanation as to why my money had been refunded. At this point I decided to contact the person who had originally registered the domain. It turned out that this person Super Mario, name altered to protect his identity had a good web presence. I read some of his blog to understand who I would be dealing with. I then proceeded to send him an email explaining my intentions. Basically I offered him $80 to renew the expired domain and transfer the ownership to me. From what I gathered about this individual on the internet, I sensed that the probability of him cheating me for $80 was very low. I offered to wire the money directly to his Paypal account if he accepted my offer.

In the meantime I called support at Godaddy, they informed me that because the domain name had expired the correct procedure is to backorder it. I decided do just that for $25. After I did that I noticed that Super Mario had replied to my email. Good news, he had renewed the domain and decided to accept my offer. I quickly wired the money to his Paypal account and sent him my personal details. After some more back and forth because I had a typo in my email address, I was the happy owner of the domain Wiivil,

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