Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is there such a thing

What is search engine optimization – SEO? If you own a website you may have received many spam emails from people offering SEO services. They even go as far as guranteeing instant results, that they can improve your website’s page rank.

What does all this mean? A website that has high page rank means that search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will display your website in the top search result. I only mentioned the the top three search engines because the other players don’t matter, at least in North America.

I say when a SEO organization offers instant result and traffic, mark them as spam and never communicate with them. There is no such thing as instant results, search engine optimization take lot’s of TLC. It can take many days, months, years before you see the fruits of your labour. If your website competes with many hundreds of websites offering the same services, then the results of any optimization can take many months. But what if all your competition were also hiring SEOs for their websites, then you should pray really hard.

Seach engine optimization is not an excat science. Google, Yahoo and MSN guards their algorithms dearly. But this does not mean that some of the known tricks in the industry do not work. I can certainly say that they do for my website. Optimizing a site requires a lot of time and effort.

My internet dating website Cupid Post is rank very high for many keywords. For example if you search for the words internet dating on, you will see Cupid Post listed in the top 10 results, usually in the first page. This means that the probability of someone visiting Cupid Post is very high when the words internet dating or internet dating service are searched. This my friend took years of tender loving care from me, if only I had more time I could do even better.

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