The beginning of Cupid Post Online Dating Site

I started Cupid Post online dating service two years ago, I need something to spend my spare time with.  After months of research and procrastinating I took the plunge and launched a completely free online dating site.  Why free, well how else could I compete for membership given that the internet was saturated with dating websites.

Originally I decided to build a Windows 2003 server to host Cupid Post, but eventually I decided to go with Red Hat Linux 9.  The reason for my change in direction was because Linux was free and came with a lot of other free software, such as PHP, Mysql, sendmail, ftp, apache etc.  Well I had never used Linux before and was pretty strong on the Microsoft platform.  But I decided that I could learn as I went along, fifteen years of experienced in information technology had taught me that the beast way to learn a program is to actually do it.  I decided that this would be a good way for me to finally learn Linux.

Well, I downloaded Redhat 9, burnt the ISO images onto CDs and started installing it on my newly built server.  After many versions of trial and errors I finally had it installed and configured just the way I wanted.  It was not an easy task, I bought Linux books, and read many documentation on the internet.  The end result was a server configured with Raid 1, tape drive, Apache, vftp, PHP, mysql, sendmail and squirrel mail. It took another month of work before I had the online dating website launched.

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Hi, I have always wanted to creat a blog site but never had the time. I have been working in Information Technology for over 15 years. I specialize mainly in networks and server technologies and dabble a little with the programming aspects. Andrew Lin

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