Internet email fraud and scam

What is up with these email scam that mostly originates from Africa (Nigeria).  I am tired of receiving such emails from these criminals who make it their full time job to send emails to people in North America.  Obviously there are many gullible people who fall for the scam, that is why this keeps going on.   I posted my rental home on a few websites and behold I started receiving emails from these crooks.

Below is the email I just received in response to my rental home add.   Funny thing is all these email have the same story, I am a maiden in distress stuck in Africa…. .


 I have a new email address!You can now email me at: 

Hi, I want to confirm if you still have the room/apartment for rent, if yes,I will like to have the description of the room/apt, Payment mode. Little about me ,I am 26 years old female and I work full time,Monday through Friday and have weekends off except for once a month. I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, but I was brought up in Africa I moved to 23 years ago after the death of my father, one of my cousin who live and work in Africa took me there for my studies since my mother cannot take care of me after my father’s demise. I work in a fashion home as a designer director. I am not really a sports person, BUT I do love Hockey Games. I am a very out going person and fun to be with. I do play the organ and piano,, and I do have BOTH piano and organ here at my house. I don’t drink , smoke and I don’t do drugs. I like going to movies,, concerts ,, plays, I like camping, hiking, bike ridding, swimming, and I love to travel.I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, friendly, very trustworthy and value relationship . I am an easygoing person and like to have an apt/roommate who is very responsible and understanding . I am presently in Republique Du Benin and I will be moving to the Canada to fully to start a new life and get my own business after 8 years of service in the fashion home in Africa… I will be staying in your apartment for six or a year depend ing on how the lease is drawn ,I will be arriving to the Canada as soon as possible. I need your response as soon as possible so as to arrange for you to get the money prior for my arrival as the company client I worked for before I quit wants to arrange for the payment. As I will like to make an advance payment ahead my arrival so that you can be rest assured that this is real since I am not in the Canada presently.Thanks and have a good time.

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