Server room security breached

Today while my associates were trying to install a new tape drive in the computer room, they made a gruesome discovery.  Here is how the tale unfolded.  Joe and Moe (names altered to protect their identity) were installing a tape drive on a rack mount server.  Moe went around the back of the server cabinet to plug in the cable for the tape drive.  Now the back of the server is cramped and not the most well lit part of the room.  He noticed something wedged between the cable arms of the Dell server.  Thinking that it was some kind of stuff toy, he poked at it with his index finger.  The thing was soft and had a furry feel, after some more probing Moe let out a high pitch shriek.  Basically he screamed like a girl were his description.  Moe screamed it’s a rat and ran out from behind the server cabinet,  out the computer room leaving Joe bewildered and rolling on the ground with laughter.  Moe headed straight for the kitchen next door and scrubbed his hands with dish detergent.

Well, it was a dead woodpecker wedged between the cable arm.  It must have been dead for some days, but did not smell because of the cool temperature in the computer room.  Poor bird, how it got into a secure computer room is a mystery.  How it got stuck between the cable arms is even a bigger mystery.

Nobody wanted the gruesome task of removing the dead bird, so we resorted to paper rock and scissor method.  Well, Joe was the chosen one, he don a pair a rubber gloves and disappeared behind the server cabinet.  The server had to be pulled out to release the dead bird as it was stuck tight.   The poor bird was then disposed in a black garbage bag and left outside the computer room.



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