How to remove the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification.

I ran the windows update on my XP computer, it downloaded and installed KB905474. This instaled the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification on my Windows XP computer.

Now eveyrtime after I reboot my computer the warning message keeps popping up in my screen asking me to check my license registration on line. I know I have a valid license for XP but this was really anoying.

I will list the steps to disable the windows genuine advantage notificaton. First reboot your computer into safe mode, to do that hold down the F8 key while booting up Windows XP.

Make sure to logon with an account that has local administrator privilege. Open the registry editor with regedit.exe. Search for waglogon folder and delete it.

Now search for wga* files in your windows directory and delete them. You are done, reboot and enjoy your computer without the pesky pop up.

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