How to manually start the Microsoft Exchange Recipient Update Services.

As a systems or network administrator I’m sure there have been times when you have run into similar situation. You just created a new Exchange 2003 mailbox. But when you try to configure the Outlook client’s profile for the user your get the error that the mailbox cannot be found. You go back and check the Exchange properties of the mailbox in ACtive Directory Users and Computers, and everything looks good.

This is due to the delay in the Recipient Update Services. Depending on the size and complexity of your Microsoft Windows server network and the number of domain controllers, it may take a few minutes to many hours to initiate and complete the Recipient Update Services process. If you are not in a rush, then simply wait until the next day to configure the Outlook client.

If you do not have the patience to wait or you simply must get Outlool email working for a new user, then there is a solution. The Recipient Update Serives can manually be initiated to speed up the process.

Below is the instructions on how to manually force the Recipient Update Services to initiate.

Open Exchange System Manager

Click on Recipients – Recipient Update Services. In the right windows, right click Recipient Update Service and select Update Now.

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