How to claim your blog on Technorati

The frist thing I did was create a user profile on Technorati,  then find the link that says ‘claim your blog’.  Simply click this link and you will get two options. Quick claim or Post claim, with quick claim you have to submit your userid and password for your blog site.  I do not feel comfortable doing that even though the site claims that it will not store this information.  I choose the Post Claim method.  With this option you basically have to create a new article on your blog containing the technorati codes.  You can cut and paste the codes given to you by Technorati, it is in html so you need to select the code tab in WordPress (if using wordpress).  Below is the url created by the code.

Technorati Profile

Save the artcile and go back to the technorati page and click on release spider.  It took less than a minute for the spider to crawl my blog.  Now I have successfully claimed my site, I only have to complete my profile specifics.

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