How to add a new disk to the DPM storage pool.

Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM) can backup to both disk or tape. The advantage of backing up to disk is the high speed. What may take many hours to backup to tape will take a fraction of that time when backing up to disk, the same applies when performing a restore. If you are running low on backup disk space then you may want to add more disk to the DPM 2007 storage pool.

I have written step by step instructions on how to add new disk drives to the DPM storage pool. I like to call it instructions for dummies :).

Open the DPM 2007 Administrator Console

Step 1
Go to the Management tab and select Disks.

Step 2
Click on Add to begin adding the new disk. This should launch the Add Disks to Storage Pool window.

Step 3
Select the disk to add to the storage pool from the Available disks window. The selected disk should move the the Selected disks windows on the right. Click on OK to continue. If prompted with a pop up message “You have selected disks that are basic. DPM will convert the selected disks to dynamic and any existing volumes on these disks will be converted to simple volumes. Do you want to continue?” Select Yes.

Note: You must initialize the new disk first, then convert it from Basic to GBT before attempting to add it to the storage pool. If you do not do this then you will receive an error during step 3. For instructions on how to convert basic to GBT partition, then search for the word GBT in my blog. I have written up how to for dummies instructions sometime ago.

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