Errors regarding in linux

I received errors regarding launching the Fame 9.3 release 3 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.

Error while loading shared library
Cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory.

This error occurs because the library is not installed. This occurs on newer Red Hat based distributions where has become deprecated. In order to install and operate Fame (Sungard), you will need to obtain this library.

In newer distributions, you should be able to obtain this library from the following RPM files:

For 32 bit:

For 64 bit:

You can also use the yum package tool if available to install the library. If you have yum installed, run the following command to obtain the library:

For 32 bit:
sudo yum install

For 64-bit:
sudo yum install libXp.x86_64

Refer to the RPM sources for your particular distribution for more information about obtaining

If you have a trial version of Redhat linux, then yum will not work. However you can download the rpm from

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