Venturing into online auction Ebay

I have been meaning to sell my toys on Ebay for a long time but never got around to actually doing it.  Well trying to figure out what in the house I could sell was not an easy process,  I have lot’s of junk according to my wife that I should get rid of.  What is junk to her is precious to me. 

Being a techie I had collected many computer and network equipment over the years.  In the back of my mind I have this vision of putting together a massive complex network of switches, routers and servers at home.  But most of the stuff just sat in my basement collecting dust as I could not bear to part with them.  I have HP, Cisco, 3com, Dell, Dlink, Linksys, Nec and other brand routers, switches, servers and more.

Well I did it, last week I finally decided to setup an Ebay account.  I created an account on Ebay and spent some time reading the informational documentation on the site.  Registering for an account was straight forward, in order to verify my authenticity I had to enter my home phone number on Ebay.  You cannot enter a cell phone number it must be a land line.  I tried my cell number and Ebay was smart enough to recognize that it was not a land line, I was certainly impressed.   I then submitted my home phone number and within a minute I received an automated phone call from Ebay. I jotted down the verification number and then proceeded to enter the number on the website.  Voila, I was registered and confirmed.

The next step was to create a Paypal account in order for buyers to pay me or if I wanted to buy something myself.  To complete the registration I had to submit my credit card information on Paypal.  I now had the means to get paid online through Paypal.

I picked a Cisco 2501 router as the first item to sell on Ebay because it was the lowest model of Cisco I had.  The rest were Cisco 2514 and 2611 routers.  I took photos of the router with my digital camera, and selected the one that did the most justice.  I then proceeded to post the router on Ebay, it was pretty easy and intuitive.  I simply followed the step by step wizard to complete my posting.  For 30 cents more I added the show enlarge photo feature and selected 10 days posting.  I selected only ship to United States and Canada option.  Since this was my first venture into online auction I did not feel brave enough to venture beyond North America.  My first item was now posted and online for auction on Ebay for $19.99.

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