OnePlus 5 Review

My work phones have always been either the Blackberry or the iPhone, as they were provided to me by my employers. When I wanted a separate phone for my personal affairs, I bought the OnePlus 3, because I had heard good things about it from my co-workers and friends. When I finally bought one, I immediately became a fan of the OnePlus! My family instantly became avid OnePlus users too.

OnePlus5 Soft Gold

To begin with, my wife owned an iPhone 4S a couple of years ago. She was in need of a new phone, because the one she had just wasn’t working for her. It turned out that we were in luck – I showed my wife the images of the latest model of the OnePlus 5, and professed about how great it was. I expressed my excitement about the fast Snapdragon 835 CPU, the 64GB storage that was capable of storing many photos, the fingerprint sensor and the awesome Dual Camera that she could use to take beautiful images with. My wife was more concerned about colour. She wanted a chic colour.

Fortunately, when the OnePlus 5 Soft Gold colour was released, my wife was ecstatic! We were drawn to the beautiful image on the website and the subtle sophistication of the colour. This gained instant approval from us, so we ordered one before the limited inventory sold out! My wife loves her sleek OnePlus 5, not to mention the gorgeous hue that she shows off to friends. My children love it too! The 5.5 inch display is so much better than the 3.5 inch screen of her old phone that we all used to crowd around. Reading the content of websites, emailing friends and co-workers, and viewing photos is so much easier on the larger HD screen. The clarity of photos and videos taken with the dual camera takes our breath away each time.

As a school teacher, my wife finds it very convenient to take good quality photos and videos of school projects which she can then upload to Twitter and share during meetings almost instantly using the LTE or 5G Wi-Fi. The comments and feedback she received from other educators are how great the video and voice quality is from this device. As Google created Android, my wife loves that her OnePlus 5 Android phone integrates seamlessly with her Google Classroom, as that is the chosen platform used by the school board. With her old phone, synchronizing was difficult to do. With the OnePlus 5, she is able to create different calendars and lists to share with different audiences (e.g., family or colleagues). The OnePlus is very fast at keeping up to date with the latest versions of Android, in fact, I got the update for Android 8.0 on both the OnePlus 3 and 5 soon after it was released. This was much sooner than most Android phone manufacturers. The integrated GPS has also rendered my Garmin GPS obsolete, as I used to program the Garmin with coordinates of destinations that my wife was visiting in advance. Since the OnePlus 5 has a large screen, fast CPU and LTE connection, there is no more lag with Google navigation. Not to mention, Google navigation is easier to search for addresses than the Garmin, so my wife does not rely on me to pre-program the Garmin anymore. I’ve always told my wife to keep up with technology, but I’ve realized that she had the wrong phone which made it difficult for her to progress. My wife’s technical abilities have progressed leaps and bounds after getting the OnePlus 5!

The OnePlus 5 is a family phone in our house, as my children also use it to take videos and photos of ‘slimes’ that they make to post on Instagram. They also take pictures of crafts and art activities to display on their social media. Making these videos and pictures seem to be things that kids today are crazy about, and it’s great that they can connect with other kids online through our OnePlus phones. They always ask to use the OnePlus to play games on rather than my work phone. When asked why they prefer it, they simply said, “it’s just a better phone, dad.”

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